There is so much to discover about Brisbane’s most treasured landmark during your climb. You’ll find out things about the bridge and the city that most locals don’t even know. Our friendly, experienced guides will keep you entertained with bite-sized information throughout your journey and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Is it true that one of the reasons the Story Bridge was built was to create employment?
  • Did 4 men really lose their lives during construction?
  • I heard the bridge gets painted every seven years…that must be a lot of paint?
  • What’s taller Gateway Bridge or Story Bridge?
  • How many Nuts and bolts hold the bridge up?
  • How much does the temperature cause the bridge to expand and contract?
  • How deep do the foundations go underground?
  • How many designs were put forward for the Bridge?

Find out the whole story on your Story Bridge Adventure Climb experience.