Complete your inner city adventure with a 30m abseil down the anchor pier after you have enjoyed the Story Bridge climb.

Experience the thrill as you step over the edge and scale down the bridge pylon facing onto the glittering river and cityscape.

Book an Abseil Climb!



The Story Bridge Adventure Abseil package includes:

  • A 30 minute safety briefing and preparation
  • Climb to the top of the iconic Story Bridge 80 metres above the Brisbane River to take in the stunning panoramic views
  • Climb back down to just below road level for Abseil preparation
  • Abseil down the Anchor Pier into Captain Burke Park – about 30 metres below.
  • Escort back to our headquarters

Important information:

When booking online – Look for the word ABSEIL along side the time to show that it is an ABSEIL CLIMB. (Day, Twilight, Night, Dawn are NOT ABSEIL CLIMBS). The Abseil Climb is mainly operated on Sunday mornings.

For the Abseil Climb there is a maximum weight restriction of 115KG (other climb restriction is 130KG). This is due to safety restrictions on the equipment.