Abseil Climb

The 'Abseil Climb'. Will you love it? Abseilootly!!!

That's right! We are taking things to the next level with our Abseil Climb.

You've climbed the bridge with us and been blown away by the magnificent views and the rush you get when you reach the top....the rumble of traffic like the ocean crashing below you. You loved it!

But now, you want to take your inner city adventure up a notch. Relax...Story Bridge Adventure Climbs (SBAC) has got you covered.

What goes up must come down and now once you've been on the top of the city, you can come back to earth in style with our Abseil Climb. Who needs stairs when you've got ropes and pulleys?

Once you're back down below road level, you will be prepared for your abseil, where you zip down from the Anchor Pier on the southern side (Kangaroo Point) of the bridge into Captain Burke Park.

If you thought you'd seen everything Brisbane has to offer, think again. It's time you got up close and personal with a Brisbane icon

The Abseil Climb will include:

  • 30 minute safety briefing and preparation

  • Climb to the top of the Iconic Story Bridge 80 metres above the Brisbane River

  • Climb back down to just below road level for Abseil preparation

  • Abseil down the Anchor Pier into Captain Burke Park - about 30 metres below

  • Escort back to base

PLEASE NOTE WHEN BOOKING ON LINE: Look for the word ABSEIL along side the time to show that it is an ABSEIL CLIMB. (Day, Twilight, Night, Dawn are NOT ABSEIL CLIMBS). The Abseil Climb is mainly operated on Sunday mornings.

For the Abseil Climb there is a maximum weight restriction of 115KG. (Other climbs 130KG). This is due to safety restrictions on the equipment.

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Gift Certificates

A Story Bridge Adventure Climb gift certificate will surprise & delight. Let them experience Brisbane with a unique adventure anyone can enjoy!


“I have often looked up at the construction and
thought to myself how lovely it would be to climb it.
So when I had the chance I jumped at it and the experience was fantastic. Such a great view from the top ......was exhilarating.”

Leown Russell | Read More Testimonials

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